08. august

This first page is actually the end of July but I didn't have it together when I posted July so just think about it as pre-August. The colors of the photos/book covers/movie posters really drove my spreads this month, making for some interesting pages. Outside my normal palette, for sure.

So many words here. Normally I would try to spread these images across more pages so that it wasn't so busy but I didn't have room so just flip past this one quick.

Here's where things start getting good in August. Green, teal and a bit of fuchsia/purple. My Kate Spade planner arrives and the month is full. Great movies with great posters, thank you.

How could I not? Scrapbook masquerading as magazine...

Hmm, white. I like white. Featuring a page from Tim's first grade book, If I Were Big. Which was eerily spot on about his future. The first race Marquez didn't win this year, FINALLY. And a surprisingly good photo of ourselves, post-cocktail pre-opera.

Josh and I went to see Jack White in the city for his birthday. Stayed in a swanky hotel, had lots of fun. Jack's new color is blue. Can you tell? Also, no photography is allowed so the larger image is one from his site. They post photos the day after each show so you can grab one from there and keep your phone in your pocket. Thank you.

Did I mention the hotel? I wanted to move in. Right off Union Square, very convenient. Across from a bar, dangerously. After the show we went back for more beers and chatted up the ladies around us. The divorced mom dropping off her kid at college and the girls from London. Josh buying everyone drinks, spreading the cheer. Says he spends so much time commuting and cranky that it's better to put good things out into the world. And that those ladies he treated will have a better trip to SF for it, having met and laughed with us. Love that kid. He's got a big heart.

The wallpapered closet at Hotel G and some encouragement from Auntie Kranny in the form of two pieces of her mother's artwork have me even more convinced to wallpaper one wall of the downstairs room. This one from Rifle Paper is winning.

The end.