01. january

Totally unmotivated and unhappy with the few spreads I had made, I had very little interest in working on my scrapbook at the beginning of the year. I can only attribute it to third year burnout. Switching to a Snap album, on k's recommendation, really helped get me going again. The slim design is nice and clean, and I no longer have to punch holes in my protectors to make them fit my album. (Last year I was using the Simple Stories protectors in a Studio Calico Handbook, which meant punching 4 holes per page. Ugh.) 

This year I want to include more personal details. Ideally, my album would be part scrapbook, part photo album and part journal; a time capsule of my life. More about what I'm making, reading, thinking, doing... and less filler (although I do love a well designed PL card), less photos of the cats (hard to imagine) and less lifeless lists. More about what really moves me. And maybe, just maybe, more photos of myself. Let's see how I do...

The details:

  • The promo for Life | Scripted that came in the January Studio Calico kit featuring Kal Barteski's incredible script was an obvious choice for my title page and, I think, really sets the tone for this year's book. The black/white design and message are right on point.  
  • Full page photos—in the past I'd cut full size images into 4 pieces but this is so much better.
  • Book covers—why didn't I think of including these before? They're so much more interesting than a list. (To be honest, I'll probably only include the aesthetically pleasing covers.)
  • The visual stylings of my pal, Tina, who turned my parting words "Go get 'em tiger!" into the fantastic script and gummy bear photo that helps to make the ridiculous Robin Hood poster seem less crazy on that spread.
  • The script overlays are my contribution to the Life | Scripted class. I'd like to have an on-going series of pages like these listing my goals for this year. (The pages behind the transparencies are torn out, respectively, of a Wired magazine and the New York Notebook journal.)
  • The letterpressed 2014 card, in the most perfect plummy magenta, is one I designed for Kelly Purkey's kits. I can't bring myself to embellish it, yet. It's too perfect right now.

PS. Not a fan of the slideshow feature? You can find individual photos in the Project Life 2014 gallery.