flower bomb

Last month Tina released a very cool set of large black and white prints featuring her photography. The delicate flowers paired with her script; the sparkle on the water; the grainy imperfection; of course, I fell in love.

When I ordered Let it Go and Adventure she slipped a mini print of the the floral, Flower Bomb, in with my order. I thought it was lovely when she released it originally but never paid any real attention to it. I have since become completely obsessed. You might have noticed it went into my scrapbook, and then into my instagram feed, almost immediately. The more I looked at it, the more I wanted to use it... more, more, more. Larger, somewhere else.

And then, my eyes gravitated down to my third album from last year. The feathers. Ugh. The colors were good, the pattern was good, I thought I liked it. I tried to like it. But no. It wasn't really me.

First thing Saturday morning I peeled off the feather paper (along with the thinnest top layer of chipboard) and using rubber cement, carefully applied Flower Bomb to my naked album. The glue hadn't even dried before I knew this pattern was the one. The large scale and graininess of the photo applied to the small album makes a huge impact. It's ethereal and moody and so much more than just a scrapbook now. The print totally elevates it.

Just look at it on my shelf with the other 2013 albums... it's perfection is undeniable.


The sheet Tina sent me included a handful of smaller prints perfectly sized for PL pages or, conveniently, the covers of a smaller album. Since the Handbook turned out so well I decided to cover this year's Snap album too. I never liked the black spine against the kraft cover but wasn't sure how to fix it. Now the black makes sense. Yes, the inside is still kraft but somehow that doesn't bother me as much. I glued one to the front, one to the back, trimmed the edges carefully with my exacto knife and voilà.


Don't you want to do yours now too?