04. april

Hmmm, what to say about April? April is the month I started using red. Only because William started wearing red. Every time I saw that kid, he was wearing red. What can you do? You have to just roll with it.

April is the month Game of Thrones started. Hello. And, the month we powered thru season 3 in two days. Which makes waiting a whole week that much harder.

April is the month I caught Bebe on the roof, the month I finally convinced Tim to get rid of his 1990's oak CD rack, the month the power kept going out and I discovered rootbeer float popsicles. The month I finally used one of the PL cards I designed for Studio Calico last December. It's the month I made my first 5" x 7" insert (for my NSD challenge with Tina), the month I started adding inside jokes again and finally found a place for one of my favorite pins.

It's also the month I filled up my first album of 2014.