Technically, it could be #nsd over here everyday. I've gotten into the habit of working on my scrapbook each morning before work. Even if it's just a half hour of card shuffling, page flipping or photo printing, it's the perfect segue into work.

I'd planned to do a little crafting on Saturday at some point, but nothing official until Tina got motivated. Inspired by two recent pins—colorful collages of little bits—we made our own #nsd challenge.

(p)inspiration one and two

Sidetracked by a trip to the vet, then brunch with friends, and a trip to home depot which turned into a trip south to pick up a basketball hoop, followed by a mandatory stop at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for an ice blended chai. By the time we made it home, Tina'd already finished hers.

All those hours doing errands gave me plenty of time to pre-plan so when I finally got to my desk, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do. There were a few photos and bits from the last studio calico kit that I wanted to use but didn't have a spot for on my Easter spread so I made an insert. One side the inspiration collage, the other a full size photo.

Since this 5x7 insert sits inside the official Easter spread and Mom had requested we all wear black and white for family photos, except for Will's red Mickey shirt, the color palette was already set. I just had to pull together a handful of coordinating scraps and fit them all together. The pinky-orange neon screenprint from Tina is the saving grace, helping me shift away the from the red. Ugh, the red. So many pages of red lately...

Anyways, it feels like I went back to my roots with this one. I do love a good grid of colored papers.

You can see Tina's here. It's fun to see how we were both inspired by the same piece.