03. march

You know I'm a futzer, right? My scrapbook sits open on a stand next to my desk and I flip thru it a lot. Flip flip flip back to spreads I haven't finished yet or flip flip forward to pages with inserts I'm not satisfied with. I'd like to be one of those "do it and done" type of people but I'm not. I know I can't make everything picture perfect, but I can find alternate solutions that will make it more aesthetically pleasing. Whether that means hiding the journaling under another card or substituting a pretty card for a not-so-pretty photo, or moving a picture to another spread with coordinating colors, it's fine with me.

Sometimes a spread will come together perfectly, but lately it seems like I'm spending more time trying to figure out how to fit the pieces together. March was like that. I had a few spreads I loved (my paislee spring break layouts) but struggled fitting the rest of the month around it. What to put across from the vellum page, how to include the extra photos from Jen's visit? Working around several full-page photos takes some finagling. Good thing I'm a futzer.

The details:

  • I'm working on using more than hoarding. Case in point, the gold edged Studio Calico labels and the outlined wood veneer.
  • I loved the March card Tina designed for last month's SC kit. So much, I cut in half so I could use it twice. The other half is under the Simple Stories flip thingy. They're cool but you can only use them on a bottom pocket and the adhesive strip was ridiculously big. I trimmed half of it off and am liking it much better.
  • The whole NY spread is an all time fav. That neon Acne postcard is another thing I've been hoarding for years. Love it paired with the orange GO badge I designed for one of KP's kits earlier this year. I'm not really a badge girl, I think the whole circle thing throw me off. But damn, this one makes me want to use more.
  • The chumbot/letterpressed fuchsia LOVE combo kills me. Makes my love for that cheesy game look better than it should. 
  • The 4x6 NOT MY DAY transparency from one of SC's recent kits is working hard here cropped on it's side, semi-obscuring the journaling.
  • Spring break + Paislee, you've already seen that, the one with the vellum and the "schedule" hidden behind the other card. I tweaked the final layouts to accommodate another full size photo and a few more photos.
  • My latest plan for actually using my SC project life cards: print lots of journaling right over top of the design. Took a few tries (figuring which way to insert the card into my printer) but otherwise I'm considering it a success.