it's yellow. it's in the door.

Today as I looked through my old Typepad blog one last time, I ran across the post with my all-time favorite comment. I'm reposting it here so it's not lost forever when I flip the switch. Heidi's reply has become a running joke in my house ever since that day...

circa March 8, 2009:

men: things they don't notice

  • crumbs
  • stains
  • bad smells
  • hairs on the bathroom sink
  • "the LOOK"
  • not-so-subtle birthday hints
  • those big sighs that mean pick a channel already

What else, ladies?

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Heidi said... That the answer to the question, "Hey honey, where's the mustard?" Will always be, "In the door of the fridge." and never anything different. It's not a mystery. It's. Always. In. The. Door. And. Bright. Yellow. At. That.