it's me, again

Apparently, I can only work on my album in three month chunks. And then I spend 2 more futzing with the arrangement. *Shrug* It is what it is. 

Let's just give a shout out here to the vintage black and white KI Memories paper in the top right corner. I've been holding onto that for at least
10 years. Thanks for being there when I needed you.

Público was one of my favorite meals last year. If you're ever in the STL area, go. 

Is it just me or is my album 90% cocktails?

Hoarding pays off. It really, really does. 

Beyonce. Monty. Ramen. 

Kari and I went to the grand opening of the new Anthro + Co. Imagine room after room of gorgeousness, pink champagne and lots of photos. You have to see Kari's layout from that night. Same place, totally different vibe. God, I love that. Love her.

I'm very proud of myself for using the hashtag card, I could have hoarded that forever. It is the single best card SC put in a kit in 2016. A Tina, obviously. It's the perfect accompaniment to the ramen card. Also, joking with Josh at the game... "I can't, I'll pull a fat muscle." Dying. 

Having friends who also make crafts is awesome. Here's Jen's from the same day. She went blue. Blue! LOVE.

I've gone to the movies A LOT this year. I just wish the theaters in Concord and Livermore would get a different ticketing system. Their ugly stubs are contaminating my movie pages.