current obsession: wallpaper

The mediocre movies we've been watching lately have had some of the greatest wallpaper. Case in point, A Fantastic Fear of Everything. The wallpaper in Simon Pegg's apartment was amazing. From the olive forest in the living room to the red on black floral in the hall, and the large green and yellow pattern in the bathroom. So great. Not to mention the rest of the set design... red lacquered trim in the hallway, the strange portrait of the woman next to the toilet, and the piles of books, papers and photos everywhere. Made me wish I could rifle thru the rooms looking for treasure. 


flower bomb

Last month Tina released a very cool set of large black and white prints featuring her photography. The delicate flowers paired with her script; the sparkle on the water; the grainy imperfection; of course, I fell in love.

When I ordered Let it Go and Adventure she slipped a mini print of the the floral, Flower Bomb, in with my order. I thought it was lovely when she released it originally but never paid any real attention to it. I have since become completely obsessed. You might have noticed it went into my scrapbook, and then into my instagram feed, almost immediately. The more I looked at it, the more I wanted to use it... more, more, more. Larger, somewhere else.

And then, my eyes gravitated down to my third album from last year. The feathers. Ugh. The colors were good, the pattern was good, I thought I liked it. I tried to like it. But no. It wasn't really me.

First thing Saturday morning I peeled off the feather paper (along with the thinnest top layer of chipboard) and using rubber cement, carefully applied Flower Bomb to my naked album. The glue hadn't even dried before I knew this pattern was the one. The large scale and graininess of the photo applied to the small album makes a huge impact. It's ethereal and moody and so much more than just a scrapbook now. The print totally elevates it.

Just look at it on my shelf with the other 2013 albums... it's perfection is undeniable.


The sheet Tina sent me included a handful of smaller prints perfectly sized for PL pages or, conveniently, the covers of a smaller album. Since the Handbook turned out so well I decided to cover this year's Snap album too. I never liked the black spine against the kraft cover but wasn't sure how to fix it. Now the black makes sense. Yes, the inside is still kraft but somehow that doesn't bother me as much. I glued one to the front, one to the back, trimmed the edges carefully with my exacto knife and voilà.


Don't you want to do yours now too?

spring break | paislee press

Last month my best friend from high school brought her family down for spring break. With 3 boys it was all adventures and eating; adult beverages and beach time; sandy feet and smart-ass remarks; musicals (pitch perfect, anyone?) and couch snuggles. It was loud and messy and totally awesome. Of course, the cats didn't agree but having the house full made my heart happy. 

Plus, their visit gave me the opportunity to finally use press plate no. 39. Finally! This template was a special request of mine and I've been waiting for ages to use it.


Read more about my project on the Paislee Press blog or see the rest of my pages in my gallery of paislee press projects.

02. february

And, into February. This month has some of my favorite spreads to date. You'll know which ones by the color. Finally, color. And blue, out of nowhere. I've never really liked blue before but it keeps popping up.

The details:

  • This month features a few of my paislee press projects. Here's what I used: press cards no. 32, pictures & words no. 9, eternal sunshine papers, eternal sunshine journal cards
  • The card from Colpa press is an all time fav. I've been holding onto it since Tina and I were in Portland last May. Couldn't wait to pull it out for Valentine's Day.
  • 39th birthday journaling thankfully hidden by the photo of the cake Steph made me. Nobody needs to come across that accidentally.
  • Winter's Tale. What to say about that? I've been listening to the audio book for ages and most of the time I have no idea what's going on. It is the most non-linear book I've ever read. Imagine my surprise when I went to see the movie and it was nothing like the book.
  • My cousin Katie is hilarious—I wish all selfies were this funny. From now on, selfies should be limited to ironic or humorous situations only. (The Quoted card is another one I designed for Kelly Purkey's January kit. It's letterpressed goodness makes me giddy.)
  • Aquarius page of the astrology calendar from Prismatic Print Shop (sold out)
  • Beautiful floral black and white print from Tina, a smaller version of this poster, was tucked into my last order and I am obsessed with it.
  • Simon Pegg gets me everytime. Fantastic Fear was not his best but the set design was incredible. The wallpaper in his apartment alone deserves it's own post.

01. january

Totally unmotivated and unhappy with the few spreads I had made, I had very little interest in working on my scrapbook at the beginning of the year. I can only attribute it to third year burnout. Switching to a Snap album, on k's recommendation, really helped get me going again. The slim design is nice and clean, and I no longer have to punch holes in my protectors to make them fit my album. (Last year I was using the Simple Stories protectors in a Studio Calico Handbook, which meant punching 4 holes per page. Ugh.) 

This year I want to include more personal details. Ideally, my album would be part scrapbook, part photo album and part journal; a time capsule of my life. More about what I'm making, reading, thinking, doing... and less filler (although I do love a well designed PL card), less photos of the cats (hard to imagine) and less lifeless lists. More about what really moves me. And maybe, just maybe, more photos of myself. Let's see how I do...

The details:

  • The promo for Life | Scripted that came in the January Studio Calico kit featuring Kal Barteski's incredible script was an obvious choice for my title page and, I think, really sets the tone for this year's book. The black/white design and message are right on point.  
  • Full page photos—in the past I'd cut full size images into 4 pieces but this is so much better.
  • Book covers—why didn't I think of including these before? They're so much more interesting than a list. (To be honest, I'll probably only include the aesthetically pleasing covers.)
  • The visual stylings of my pal, Tina, who turned my parting words "Go get 'em tiger!" into the fantastic script and gummy bear photo that helps to make the ridiculous Robin Hood poster seem less crazy on that spread.
  • The script overlays are my contribution to the Life | Scripted class. I'd like to have an on-going series of pages like these listing my goals for this year. (The pages behind the transparencies are torn out, respectively, of a Wired magazine and the New York Notebook journal.)
  • The letterpressed 2014 card, in the most perfect plummy magenta, is one I designed for Kelly Purkey's kits. I can't bring myself to embellish it, yet. It's too perfect right now.

PS. Not a fan of the slideshow feature? You can find individual photos in the Project Life 2014 gallery.


designerd tshirt by pauline goan

designerd tshirt by pauline goan

You may have noticed something's wrong with my blog. Everything's gone. From April 2006 thru the end of 2013, gone. That's a lot of history, but also a lot of baggage.

I'm ready for a fresh start.

The old posts aren't going to be migrated to the new site but I'm working on adding all my past (and present) scrapbooks, art journals and minis to the Project page. By the time I'm done the gallery will just about contain my entire scrapbooking history. Have fun with that.

Here's to moving forward.

PS. a lot of the change was driven by my desire to make everything look clean and polished. The old site was not cutting it. I am such a designerd.


Ultra neon pink, XOXO laser cut-outs, perfect for hoarding. Or using, whatever. Get one here.