In lieu of...

a current December album, I offer you last year’s. Although, I swapped out the chipboard album for a black acrylic after taking these photos last year for Instagram, so just pretend it’s another black cover.

the end of the year that shall not be named

It wasn't until October that I realized we were most of the way through 2017—and that I'd only printed photos up to my trip to Portland in January. January, yikes! Right now I'm working forwards and backwards in time, in two separate albums. I'm working forwards from February and backwards from October. And forwards in time too, I guess, because things keep happening and I keep going places and taking photos. Because I don't want to forget any of it. 

I hate the whole idea of "being behind" or "catching up" as if it is an obligation or a burden, because really it's not. And if there's anything that proves keeping a photo album is a worthy endeavor, it's 2016. Last year was a really rough one for me. I struggled a lot. Looking back at these pages from last fall, I am reminded that there were good times too. And of the people I love who got me through it, who made last year better than it was. 

Here's the last of 2016—the good, the bad and the ugly.


it's me, again

Apparently, I can only work on my album in three month chunks. And then I spend 2 more futzing with the arrangement. *Shrug* It is what it is. 

Let's just give a shout out here to the vintage black and white KI Memories paper in the top right corner. I've been holding onto that for at least
10 years. Thanks for being there when I needed you.

Público was one of my favorite meals last year. If you're ever in the STL area, go. 

Is it just me or is my album 90% cocktails?

Hoarding pays off. It really, really does. 

Beyonce. Monty. Ramen. 

Kari and I went to the grand opening of the new Anthro + Co. Imagine room after room of gorgeousness, pink champagne and lots of photos. You have to see Kari's layout from that night. Same place, totally different vibe. God, I love that. Love her.

I'm very proud of myself for using the hashtag card, I could have hoarded that forever. It is the single best card SC put in a kit in 2016. A Tina, obviously. It's the perfect accompaniment to the ramen card. Also, joking with Josh at the game... "I can't, I'll pull a fat muscle." Dying. 

Having friends who also make crafts is awesome. Here's Jen's from the same day. She went blue. Blue! LOVE.

I've gone to the movies A LOT this year. I just wish the theaters in Concord and Livermore would get a different ticketing system. Their ugly stubs are contaminating my movie pages. 

oh craft

The last time I was really crafty was May of last year. It's about time I started making things again. I joked on Instagram recently that I was finally putting the 'makes' back in jamaica makes. 

Kari took this photo of me one day, in between cocktails and ice cream. I love it—it's just what my life looks like right now. I might add the year somewhere, but for now it's perfect as it is. Starting the album with a photo of myself, like this, is different. And good. 

Lemons card from Target. Best card ever. We're not going to talk about the Warriors. Lebron, pffffft. KD, baby, KD. 

This is one of my all time favorite spreads. The yellow and the black. The badges from the minikit I designed for Kelly. The overthink it card from Elise. The shot of my journal. Looking it, I know exactly how I felt at that time. 

This one, not so much. I'm still working on it. Need to add some journaling to the June photo (FUCK YOU, JUNE) and find something for the kraft pocket. I'm regretting buying electronic tickets to the game. I need to get real tickets next time so that I have something to put in the book.

Please note the repeated use of filler cards. I'm actually using stuff from all those kits I've bought. Only patterned ones. But still, it's something. 

Last year's album was all about the date, adding large numbers everywhere. The year before it was obsessive captions in one set style. This year I'm not worrying about it. No dates. Tiny post-its turned tabs. Some typed notes, some handwritten. It's a free for all. I like it. And I really like seeing my handwriting in my book again. 

No wait, this is my favorite spread. The books! The colors! The BW dots! The Snapchat toast! The fuck sticker! And the note about a late night, slightly drunken Snap that makes me smile every time I think about it. 

I'm not tracking all the movies/books/music like I have in past years. The Buddymoon poster is a one-off here, because it's the perfect color to go with my quilt. Sidenote, Notting Hill has officially replaced Two Week's Notice as my comfort movie. Oopsie daisy. 

I need to take my book over to Will's house so I can borrow his crayons to color all the white corners of the cards peeking out from behind the edges of my PL cards (I haven't given up all my compulsive ways). Also, I want to add a tiny note to that green card that says #willQpill. He's awesome. Just look at that big grin. We had the best time at the game buying all of the snacks and chasing after Stomper.  

This year I'm not bothering to explain what every photo is, what it means, or where I ate it. I'm not trying to do a spread a week. I'm not worrying about using grainy Snapchat photos. And I'm not shying away from the sad stuff. That's what this life is about.

(Ellsworth Kelly botanical image printed off the internet. I know.)

The other thing I'm really liking about my book so far this year is the "reference" section at the back. I cut down a gray Nate Berkus folder from Target to hide all the extra "stuff" like all my movie stubs and menus. It keeps everything in the front cleaner. 

Oh craft.